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Art blog of William Gibbons
Jul 21 '14

Back in August I had the opportunity to work on Season two, episode 3 of Space Dandy. It came out recently and I’m seeing the final cleaned up and colored cuts for the first time!

Here are screenshots of the cuts that I did layout and key animation for. Pretty simple cuts, but I was honored to work with Yuasa and Science Saru in general on this project… I want to thank them for their patience with my difficulty with the timing sheets as well as all the effort they went through to translate back and forth and work with foreign animators.

I wish my Japanese was better, but I hope i can work on more anime in the future! Even if it was very stressful!!!!!!!!!! How intimidating is was was well to have my work judged and corrected by Yuasa himself… but I learned a lot for sure.

I think i missed a one cuts, i did 11 total but if i missed any they were low key… The rest of the episode looks soooo good too everyone is so talented

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